Squirrel Pest Control

Squirrel pest control might seem like an odd service to be searching for, but problems with squirrel infestations are much more common than you would expect. Most people will think of squirrels as cute animals that you might see around a park, but they can cause serious issues for both homeowners and businesses. Squirrel pest control is something that our team has a large amount of experience in dealing with for areas across Shropshire and the North West.

Squirrel infestations are much more destructive than you might think. If a squirrel infestation occurs in your home, you can expect the following types of damage to occur:

  • Gnawing on woodwork I.E soffit and facia boards to gain access.
  • Damage to fibreglass insulation
  • Damage to insulation found on wires through gnawing
  • Contamination & a risk to health due to diseases in the urine and droppings

The above factors alone can cause distress for both homeowners and businesses. Homeowners might also notice scratching noises and disturbances caused by squirrels, particularly during the night.

Grey Squirrel Pest control

Grey squirrels are extremely common in the UK, despite not being indigenous to our country. Due to this, it is classed as an IAS (invasive animal species). This means that it is not native to the UK. Whilst they may seem harmless in appearance, they’re capable of causing the damage we’ve detailed above, and can also be vicious in response to humans.

It is also worth noting that they pose a risk to red squirrels, a species that is actually native to the UK. For this reason, grey squirrel pest control is a necessary practice. According to the red squirrel survival trust, we’re most likely to find grey squirrels in areas south of Scotland (including the North West and Shropshire), making it crucial that homeowners and businesses remain vigilant against this pest.

Areas we offer squirrel pest control

We offer squirrel pest control to Shropshire and the North West of England in areas such as

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Pest control for squirrels in attic

If you’re a homeowner suffering from a squirrel infestation, then you may find that the source of this is the attic of your home. Squirrels nest in attics due to the conditions available. When inside an attic, squirrels may gnaw through cables, cause damage to fibreglass insulation and gnaw on woodwork.

In addition to this, a squirrel infestation may also lead to a female nesting in your attic, which can be very problematic. The main way to identify squirrels in your attic is through sound. During the night, squirrels will scurry around in attic spaces, which can become noisy. You will often see them on your roof or climbing up the house.

Fortunately, squirrels are one of the few pests that will leave a location of their own volition. However, this will usually take some time, and is hard to confirm. It is usually through the lack of noise through the night that people will identify the fact that an infestation has moved on. If you’re unsure, we’re on hand to offer pest control to remove squirrels from your attic or roof.

Treating a squirrel infestation

Unlike other pests, treating a squirrel infestation is very rarely straightforward. This is due to the fact that they can increase in number very quickly. The most common way of treating an infestation is to use trapping methods. Once an infestation has been cleared, the next step is to block off any entry points to ensure that the risk of re-infestation is lowered.

Squirrel pest control cost

As with all of our pest control services, we’re unable to offer a fixed cost for squirrel pest control. As we’ve mentioned, removing a squirrel infestation can be problematic, and therefore can require much more time to deal with. Factors that can influence the cost of our squirrel pest control include:

  • Size of infestation
  • Location of infestation

If you have a suspected or confirmed squirrel infestation at your home or business, then please get in touch with a member of our team using the button below. We will provide you with a free, no obligation consultation and quote suited to your needs.

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