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Complete Pest Control are leading providers of Wrexham pest control. With over 30 years’ combined experience in all aspects of pest control, our local technicians are experts in resolving a wide variety of pest infestations from wasp nest removal, mice/rat removal and fly control to bed bug treatment. If you don’t find what you’re looking for in our services list, this doesn’t necessarily mean that we can’t help. If you’re unsure then please get in touch with us to find out more.

Our team are BPCA (British Pest Control Association) members, meaning that you can be sure that you’re only getting the highest quality pest control services. We’re professional, discreet and pride ourselves on the effectiveness of our work. Our company always puts our customers first – we’re committed to providing pest control services of the highest quality to businesses and homeowners in Wrexham.

If you live in Wrexham but you’re not in a council owned house, then you’ll no longer be entitled to the pest control service offered by Wrexham County Borough Council. If you’re in a council owned property then you’ll still be required to pay for wasp nest removal and the removal of other pests such as fleas, cockroaches, ants, flies, other insects and more. As part of our Wrexham pest control services, we offer the removal of all of these pests and more for domestic properties.

We offer pest control in Wrexham for both commercial, agricultural and residential clients, so whether you’re a business with a large scale infestation on your hands, or an individual in need of the removal of wasp nests, our team will be more than happy to assist you.

Wrexham Pest Control Services

Our Wrexham pest control team are experts in all areas of pest control. However, our most commonly requested services are:

Wasp Nest Removal

Wasp Nest Removal for both active and inactive wasps nests, including the Queen Wasp if needed. Covers wasps & hornets only.
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Bed Bug Treatment

Our bed bug treatment/bedbug extermination ensures the full removal of a bedbug infestation from your property.
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We ensure that your business remains pest free and in line with health guidelines. This is offered as either a one off or retained service
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Rat Control

This involves both removal and protection against future rat infestations, sometimes referred to as rodent control.
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Flea Control

Fleas are tough to remove fully without professional treatment – our flea control is designed to give you complete peace of mind – this is one of our most common insect control treatments

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Fly Control

Our fly control covers multiple species and guarantees complete removal (we also cover the removal of other insects)


Pigeon Control

Our pigeon and bird control service is focused primarily on bird control techniques such as proofing, which protects against future bird control issues too

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Ant Removal

Our ant control ensures comprehensive removal of ant infestations from domestic and commercial properties

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Squirrel Control

Our Wrexham squirrel control services are geared towards the safe removal of grey squirrels
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Mole Control

Mole infestations can be a large issue for rural properties – our professional mole control service helps to ensure full removal & protection for the future
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Natural Pest Control

A service we’re proud to offer, this is a less aggressive, and in some cases longer term way to manage infestations and pest issues.
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Pest Control Wrexham Cost

All of our pest control services in Wrexham are quoted bespoke. This is due to the fact that many things can impact the cost of pest control such as:

  • The nature of the infestation
  • Size of the infestation
  • Location of the infestation

To get an accurate quote for our pest control services in Wrexham, please call 01978 280601 or contact us using the button below.

Pest Control Wrexham Reviews

Excellent service. CPC was able to pop around on the same day and sorted the wasp nest in less than 20 minutes. Highly recommend 👍

Laura England Avatar Laura England

Complete Pest Control came to our rescue at short notice. Very efficient, polite and helpful. Easy to use and super responsive. Would use again. Highly recommended.

Rachel Tod Avatar Rachel Tod

Found we had squirrels setting up home in our garage roof space, with much munching of wood. Didn’t have any clue how to deal with them, contacted them and was pleased with their professionalism and guidance. Highly recommend them. Friendly, professional and very helpful

Jay Steele Avatar Jay Steele
CPC is based in Shropshire and currently services residents and businesses in Whitchurch, Wrexham, Chester, Crewe, Telford, Shrewsbury and surrounding areas
Complete Pest Control
Complete Pest Control2 months ago
❗️Crazy day carrying out job interviews yesterday❗️

3 candidates have been successful and starting their employment next week ❗️

Thank you to the 200 people that applied for a position with us, please don’t be shy to apply again for future positions 😁

What a start to 2024 for CPC - A big year for us being our 10 year anniversary ❗️🎉🎂
Complete Pest Control
Complete Pest Control3 months ago
We currently have a job position open for an admin role at Complete Pest Control.

The place of work will be at our office in Whitchurch with the working hours of 9:00-3:00.

We are already in the interview process and the job will be closing Monday 11th March.
For the full job description follow the link / QR code.
Complete Pest Control
Complete Pest Control3 months ago
Complete Pest Control is a local Company based in Whitchurch. We offer all kinds of services at competitive prices.
Reliable, Professional, Discreet.
Complete Pest Control
Complete Pest Control3 months ago
Trying out some fancy new bed bug tests 🤔

Working exactly like a covid tests these tests can detect bed bug activity that’s up to 3 months old❗️
Obviously not a replacement for knowledge and expertise but a good tool in the arsenal ❗️
Complete Pest Control
Complete Pest Control4 months ago
Photos from Complete Pest Control's post
Burwardsley Outdoor Education Centre
Recent job we’ve completed❗️
Located at an outdoor education centre for children, this roundhouse had been attacked by woodworm 🪱🐛 (furniture beetle) and was in risk of being condemned if further damage occurred.

Luckily CPC were able to treat the structure and stop the problem in it’s tracks along with a 10 year guarantee ❗️😁
Complete Pest Control
Complete Pest Control4 months ago
As is now tradition, This Christmas I delivered Christmas lunches for those in need on behalf of Whitchurch rotary club❗️

Although I did have a helping hand this year 😁

How does Christmas feel so long ago already 🤯
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