Natural Pest Control

Natural pest control is a service that we’re asked about often, and is something that we’re proud to be able to provide to our clients in Shropshire and the North West of England. It has become much more popular in recent years for obvious reasons, and the pest control industry has made multiple advances in this form of pest management.

Natural Pest Control FAQs

What is natural pest control?

Natural pest control, commonly known as chemical free, biological or non-toxic pest control, is a way of managing pest infestations without the use of chemicals. There are a number of benefits to this method including, but not limited to:

- Natural/non-toxic pest control solutions can cause less damage to plants and wildlife
- Using natural/non-toxic pest control products can be advantageous in areas used to prepare food, as it reduces any contamination potential
- Some argue that natural pest control poses a longer term solution than chemical pest control

What types of natural pest control are available?

Natural pest control solutions vary depending on the type of pest that is being dealt with. Some common methods include:

- Introducing predators – different types of pest will typically be susceptible to predators higher up in the food chain than them. For example, birds of prey can be used to deter pigeons from buildings and large structures.
- Natural pesticides – some pests can be controlled through the use of natural pesticides.
- Physical Traps – more traditional traps can be used to catch pests whilst also being completely non toxic.

Areas we offer natural pest control

Our natural/non-toxic pest control services are available to residents and businesses across Shropshire and the North West of England in areas such as

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Considerations of natural pest control

Due to the fact that natural pest control is generally less aggressive than chemical methods, it can take a larger amount of time/effort to deal with pests naturally. However, natural/non-toxic pest control has been argued as a longer term solution, which can sometimes offset the longer lead times needed. With longer lead times/larger efforts also comes increased cost, which is something to bear in mind when opting for natural pest control.

Natural pest control cost

Due to the nature of natural/non-toxic pest control methods such as the larger investment of time and effort required, it is usually more costly than other forms of pest control. However, as with any pest control service, we only provide bespoke quotations for natural pest control, which can be influenced by:

  • The size of the infestation
  • The location of the infestation

If you’d like to learn more about our natural pest control services then please get in touch with our team, who will be able to provide you with a bespoke consultation and quote.

CPC is based in Shropshire and currently services residents and businesses in Whitchurch, Wrexham, Chester, Crewe, Telford, Shrewsbury and surrounding areas
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