Pigeon Pest Control

Whilst it might sound less common, pigeon pest control is something that we’re frequently approached to assist with. Most people will just think of pigeons as a general nuisance, but there are actually a number of more serious issues that pigeons can cause outside of general disruption.

The obvious and most common issue that people will associate with pigeon infestation is the fact that they foul buildings, windows and other outdoor fixtures. However, they have also been known to pass on diseases to humans. They can be carriers of such diseases as salmonella, listeria and e-coli. These diseases can be passed through their droppings (Guano), or through contact with the bird itself.

Pigeon droppings can also cause issues outside of the potential passing of diseases. They’re actually acidic, which means that they can cause corrosion of brick/stonework and metal. This damage can build up and cause large repair bills over time.

As well as the direct issues that a pigeon infestation can cause such as disease and damage, they can also indirectly cause insect infestations. Insects such as fleas, textile beetles and bird mites are all attracted to their nests. So, left untreated, pigeon infestations have the capability of causing serious pest control problems which can quickly spiral out of control.

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We offer pigeon pest control to Shropshire and the North West of England in areas such as

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How to deal with a pigeon infestation

Pigeon pest control is arguably one of the more complex forms of pest management, and generally involves more specialist equipment. The most common form of pigeon pest control is known as proofing.

This essentially involves blocking off common nesting areas and removing any potential food sources. Blocking off areas usually involves the use of things such as spikes, nets and barriers. Recently, more specialised methods have been introduced, these include the use of shock strips, audible scarers and optical gels to create negative associations for certain nesting spots with pigeons.

Historically, population reduction techniques were used for pigeon pest control. However it is now widely accepted that such methods are less effective than proofing.

Legal considerations for pigeon pest control

It’s worth noting that there is currently legislation in place, published by DEFRA (Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs), which details guidance on how to deal with pigeon pest control problems. Due to this, it is crucial that when dealing with a pigeon infestation, you work with someone well versed in the legalities of pigeon pest control – this is something that Complete Pest Control can help with.

Pigeon pest control cost

As we’ve mentioned above, pigeon pest control is a complex and difficult form of pest management, and similarly to other pest control services, there’s no fixed price associated with this. We always provide bespoke quotes for pigeon pest control, which can be impacted by:

The size of the infestation
The location of the infestation
If you’re in need of pigeon pest control services, then please get in touch with our team, who will be able to provide you with a bespoke consultation.
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