Commercial Pest Control

As well as offering residential pest control, Complete Pest Control are also a commercial pest control company, catering for businesses of all sizes and premises of all types (from office buildings to farms) in Shropshire and the North West. Our team is highly trained, are BPCA (British Pest Control Association) members and have a number of years of commercial pest control experience, making us well placed to deal with a wide range of common pests that you may encounter in your business.

What does commercial pest control involve?

Pest control for businesses is similar to residential pest control in the sense that the way that we deal with infestations is fundamentally the same. However, there are two factors that make commercial pest control differ from residential:

  • Infestations can sometimes be of a larger scale
  • We’re able to offer preventative plans as part of a commercial pest control contract, rather than focus on removing infestations

Ensuring that your business premises are free of pests and protected against future infestations is crucial, now more than ever. Over the years, we’ve worked with many large nationwide businesses to ensure they remain pest free and are able to continue their day to day operations without any interruptions – we’ll do the same for you.

Our recommended way of dealing with commercial pest control is through the use of a maintenance program such as an Integrated Pest Management plan (IPM).

Preventative Pest Control – Maintenance Program

Encountering a pest infestation at your business is very different to locating one in your home. If you’re a hospitality business, or have to adhere to strict hygiene standards due to the services you offer then pest issues can impact trading and therefore revenue (sometimes businesses can also receive fines for pest infestations if there’s a risk to public health). You’re also likely to be a member of an organisation such as BRC, which have strict standards that they set for commercial properties. It’s important to note that not all pest control companies in the pest control industry are able to provide a service that fits with BRC guidelines – be sure to ask this as you’re prospecting for a pest technician.

We offer a Maintenance program for businesses, which means that we help you to protect against pest problems before they can arise. Our aim is to give you peace of mind and prevent you from having to deal with unexpected infestations that could otherwise cause a negative impact on your business. We aim to find solutions to problems and will provide advice on building proofing for commercial premises (for example protecting electric cables that are vulnerable to damage from pests or assessing the potential for structural damage to occur from pest issues) and hygiene measures to ensure problems are less likely to reoccur. Our goal is to provide long term effective solutions and not a short term fix.

We offer a number of different packages to suit a range of requirements. Whether it be just Pest Control or Fly Control Unit servicing and hygiene services such as air fresheners and sanitary disposal.

All plans include a commitment to a certain amount of visits per year and varied levels of cover depending on your requirements. Our more advanced packages also include non-toxic treatments, insect monitoring, pest trend analysis, detailed service reports, integrated pest management recommendations, advice on pest prevention field biologist inspections and more.

Our Locations

Our comprehensive range of commercial pest control solutions are available in the following locations:

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Cost of commercial pest control

As with all of our services, we don’t offer fixed pricing on commercial pest management. Pricing will depend on a number of factors, such as:

  • The level of cover needed to meet your requirements
  • The amount of services you require (Pest Control, Fly Control, Hygiene Services)
  • Type of an infestation/pest species we may need to deal with (in the case of one off commercial pest removal I.E. Wasps or moles)

If you’re in need of commercial pest control services, whether that’s for a one off treatment or for protection against potential infestations, please get in touch with our team by emailing us or giving us a call on 01948 302001. Our team of professional pest controllers will then discuss your requirements in detail and provide a free, no obligation quote.

CPC is based in Shropshire and currently services residents and businesses in Whitchurch, Wrexham, Chester, Crewe, Telford, Shrewsbury and surrounding areas
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